Neural Information Processing Group: Welcome
The Neural Information Processing Group of Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary is a multidisciplinary team of mathematicians, programmers, computer scientists and physicists. The supervisor of the group is András Lorincz. He has acted as the Principal Investigator of several successful international projects in collaboration with Panasonic, Honda Future Technology Research and the Information Directorate of the US Air Force in the fields of hardware-software co-synthesis, image processing and human-computer collaboration.
Research of the group focuses on distributed intelligent systems and their applications in neurobiological and cognitive modeling, as well as medicine.
András Lorincz and other members of the group teach some of the most popular courses in the Faculty of Informatics about Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

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Kutatási Projektek
  • Matematikus, alkalmazott matematikus,
  • fizikus,
  • muszaki informatikus hallgatók

Research Grants for students
  • mathematics, applied mathematics
  • physics
  • technical informatics 

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